Medication Management


Our Medication plans are individualized to you.  Individuals with the same symptoms do not always require the same medication. Taking into consideration an individual's lifestyle, gender, age and past medical history are essential in developing your plan of care.


What can I expect at the consultation appointment?

The consultation visit is an opportunity for me to begin to understand your needs. During this time, a thorough explanation of recommended medications is shared with you so that you can be a partner in choosing a treatment that not only treats your symptoms, but that parallels your unique self. We will discuss the risks and benefits of medications together. In many cases, you will be given a prescription at the time of your consultation visit. In some cases, I may ask you to gather additional information and schedule a follow-up visit to pick the best medication for you.

What can I expect at the follow-up appointments?

At your follow-up visit we will talk about your experiences with your medications, the benefits you are noticing, any possible side effects you may be experiencing, and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. This time is also an opportunity to ask more questions about your medication plan. We may also discuss  other non-medication options and strategies depending on your situation.

If I am doing psychotherapy as well as medication management, what can I expect at the follow-up appointments?

Individual therapy sessions can be scheduled and will include management of your medications. You will schedule longer appointments and spend about 45 minutes at your visit.  You do not need to make separate appointments for medication management and psychotherapy and you will be billed for one appointment.

If I am  managing well on my medications, will my doctor give me refills or do I need to come every month?

Everyone is different when it comes to adjusting to a new medication and reaching stability. It will be up to you and your provider to determine when your next follow-up visit will be.  The maximum time between appointments is 3 months,  therefore, the maximum medication prescribed at an appointment would be a 3 month supply. Controlled substances always require a monthly visit.

What happens if I have questions about medication in between scheduled appointments?

You can always leave a message at 845-653-7300 option #4, if you have questions about your medication. Non-urgent issues will be addressed within 24-48 hours. I check my messages throughout the day. Urgent messages will receive a call back and any extensive questions about your medications would best be discussed further at an office or tele-psyche visit.

What happens if I experience side effects from a medication?

If you think you are having side effects from a medication, you can call the office directly. If it is a non-urgent issue, you can leave a confidential voicemail, which I check regularly. If you are having severe symptoms, which could be life threatening, please call 911 or go to your closest emergency room. The emergency room doctor can call us directly to get more information.

If you have more questions about medication management, please call us at 845-653-7300 option #4 or email us at