Lashing out at your kids again? Angry with your spouse? Are the most insignificant things just ticking you off?

If those questions strike a cord you may experiencing irritability, a symptom of a few mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or even sleep disorders.

Irritability can cause you to snap at those closest to you for minor or even nonexistent errors, often times leaving those you yell at confused and hurt. This can permanently effect your relationship with loved ones like your kids, spouses, or close friends, who can feel so bad they may try end their relationship with you. This can be incredibly damaging especially in a time when you may already be feeling vulnerable and end up making you even more irritable. 

At State of Mind Health we will help you find the root cause of the irritability, and help you fix the underlying issue. Once treated through one of many strategies, we can then get you back to being the loving, kind, and gentle person we know you are.