I am here to help guide you through your journey towards a

 Healthy State of Mind




Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner              Board Certified


"I have undertaken to try and help individuals restore their vitality and resume a life of meaning and purpose."

 I am a licensed, Board Certified, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I studied and graduated from Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing. I have worked in both the inpatient psychiatric hospital sestting as well as in the outpatient community clinic setting with individuals throughout the life span.

I have undertaken to try and help individuals restore their vitality and resume a life of meaning and purpose. Depression, anxiety, trauma, hyperactivity, and stress are just some of the many issues that are part of ones complicated life that can lead to dysfunction and suffering. A compassionate approach with a emphasis on one's cultural background, one's life experiences, and one's own personal needs help to shape the focus of my treatment. It is my philosophy that the challenge of changing oneself into becoming an individual who sees their own human potential is always possible. With the proper support and guidance, my patients are able to transform the difficulties in their lives into a life of triumph and achievement.

The use of multiple therapeutic treatment options as well as medications are used to target symptoms that can be improved, well managed, and alleviated with particular attention on revitalizing ones energy, motivation, and love of the self. My approach is one that also considers the value of comprehensive diagnostic evaluations that include ones medical history, laboratory testing, as well as genetics, to help achieve a holistic understanding of an individuals needs.

 I am dedicated to setting realistic as well as far reaching goals to help individuals not only return to the life they once knew, but to concentrate on a brighter and more successful future filled with joy and feelings of accomplishment.

 I treat ages 7 years and up and offer flexible hours to accommodate school and working schedules. I offer to collaborate with school administration, primary care providers, and specialists where needed to allow for delivery of the most integrative care possible.